Stone Pointing

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Stone pointing

Compared to bricks, stone is significantly more resistant to water penetration. In the case of a stone face wall, while the stone itself may be more resilient to damage and weathering, the same issues encountered with the mortar between bricks is also present when it comes to stone. The joints present the weakest part of the structure and may be in need of repair or replacement as time goes by.
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New York Brick Pointing specializes in all aspects of pointing even when it comes to the intricacies presented with certain stone structures. A stone wall is not always uniformly laid out the same way a brick wall may be, due to the differing sizes and shapes of the stone used. With the differences in stone layouts, the joints must be installed accordingly to maintain a clean look to the structure while also maintaining its integrity.

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20 years Experience

New York Brick Pointing prides ourselves in being masters of various techniques and being able to tackle all types of pointing needs presented by our clients. We have been honing these skills for over 20 years and continually stay up to date with the newest methods in the market.

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